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Accurate Measurements Are Vital for Business Invoicing

Looking at things from the perspective of financial gain, you can break all sorts of parts down into measurements. And the more accurate measurements you take, the more carefully you can adjust your products, services,

Starting a Business: Perfect Preparations

When you’re starting a business, there is no such thing as too much preparation. Pushing ahead without being sure you’re ready is, at best, a recipe for worry and stress, and at worst followed quickly

Following the Rules: Staying On Top of Good Business Practices

If you are trying to own and operate a business that is upfront and transparent about its practices, then you have to have a firm understanding of how to follow the rules. It’s not enough

Building A Business Website Worth Exploring

Building a business website is about learning what makes your target audience tick.  The goal is to get into the minds of web users, just as you do when you’re formulating a new marketing plan.

3 Tips for Having A Healthier Work Environment

In order for your employees to put their best foot forward at work each day, they have to have a certain amount of trust in their own health and safety while in the workplace. Depending

Avoid NCAA college football blackouts and restrictions with a VPN

The Cheez-It Bowl game between TCU and California might have been conservative in terms of the points exchanged, but that was not the order of the day in the Quick Lane Bowl. With Minnesota scoring

Invest In Security: 4 Types Of Insurance You Need To Succeed

Life is challenging enough at times to have the added worry of finances when you’re injured or suffering a loss.  Though the construct of insurance companies is a huge source of discussion for many people,

Tips for Hiring and Firing Employees for Your Business

As a business manager or a hiring director, you have to understand the importance of getting the right people in and out at the right times. The right employees can make the difference between creating

Making More Money Through Efficient Workplace Improvements

There are many different ways of looking at the idea of making more money. One of them, especially concerning professionals who work in an office, is that you can make more money if you’re more

Why you should use an external general counsel for your business

Companies without an in-house legal team, or even a small one, can sometimes find dealing with legal matters a little tedious. There is not always a full need or budget to hire more staff, which